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problem solving makes me happy.

I have more than 12 years of experience in design and direction, thriving in team settings as well as leadership roles. I have found that helping people play to their strengths, and fostering a culture of trust with a focus on team success have benefited every professional environment I’ve ever been a part of. Being a creative leader isn’t only about leadership, it’s also about being an active contributor, working hard alongside the team so you understand their needs and can provide alternate solutions that haven’t been considered yet. Having this work ethic is what drives me to make forward-thinking design, and a sustainable team structure.

My experience includes branding and identity, website design, print and digital marketing, photo and video shoot direction, apparel graphics, POP retail signage, event posters, consumer catalogs, copywriting, tradeshow visuals, and business sales tools. I do it all while keeping a sharp eye for how to market complex technology or sophisticated products to a customer base that craves simplicity, and staying quick on my feet with rapid turnaround of deliverables. (And I have a lot of fun doing it).


Other fun facts:

  • BFA in Graphic Design

  • Northern California native

  • Backpacker, snowboarder, husky-mom

  • Would rather be outside right now

  • Smiles with her whole face


let's make something awesome.


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