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anova retail + tradeshow

Anova Culinary had been known for years for its singular signature product, a sous vide cooker. But when they were preparing to expand not only into additional cookers, such as a pro model, but also a collection of accessories for the first time, they needed a cohesive new packaging design system solution that could highlight the details of the launching items and scale to newer products later on. Products would be sold direct-to-consumer on the Anova website, across 3rd party retailers online and in retail brick and mortar. In some retail doors, there also needed to be tangible product samples on dimensional displays that communicated and demonstrated product benefits outside of the box.



I led the team at Anova in designing the refreshed and holistic packaging series for all products using consistent and recognizable signature design elements. In retail especially, it was crucial to optimize the limited shelf space we often had in the crowded aisle, so the strategy was to create a billboard-like appearance wherever there were multiple products side-by-side to grab attention, creating power in numbers. The core brand color, a vibrant orange, anchored the colorblocked backgrounds, standing out more than competitor products. The bold background bent around each side of every box, creating contrast for the neutral hardware product images and helped them pop. The limited text on the Anova packages also helped communicate a more sophisticated, high-quality aesthetic to the shopper, as opposed to less expensive competitor packaging that focused more on readable material and promotional statements.

The same aesthetic was carried through retail displays in multiple big-box stores, as well as in demo-station booths at CES and other tradeshows. 

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