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bubble farm outline logo
current packaging and logo
bubble farm logo
new salve packaging
new honey and soap packaging
primary color palette
secondary palette and type
storefront mockup

Bubble Farm Soap Co. 

Proposed redesign of logo and packaging for a growing honey and soap company which uses local bee hives to make quality products. 


As the company grows and has begun selling products nationally, it will be increasingly crucial to have a brand that looks and feels hand-made instead of factory-processed, but also appeals to newer sets of demographics. Presently, the current logo maintains a very crafty feel, but lacks the finer touch to highlight its quality and elevate the product with an accompanying high-quality design.


I challenged myself to develop a logo that would represent products in both cosmetic/spa and the homemade syrup/jam segments. My proposal includes a new logo, new packaging prints, and store-front retail window display. 


Photography borrowed from Bubble Farm Soap Co.




Art Direction


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