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icracked logo
old and new icracked marks
app badge icon and main screens home page
repair kit packaging
original logo sketches
business papers suite
logo construction
icracked color palette
logo on trade-in debit card
flat-rate shipping box
corporate fleet car wraps
repair kit packaging
repair kit packaging
icracked logo tee
icracked logo water bottle
icracked logo ipad sleeve

Redesign of the iCracked brand, an on-demand service provider for repair and buyback of smartphones and tablets.


The former logo for iCracked was very specific to one service, and one device on which their technicians performed that service. Only a few years old and growing exponentially, the company needed a brand persona that reflected the broader idea behind their exceptional services. With multiple meetings with the founder, the focus for the logo was narrowed to providing customers with an entire suite of on-demand, location-based services for any mobile device. 


iCracked being a young and fun-loving team, it was important to bring that attitude and excitement into a kinetic logo. Trust, dependability, and activity were also key ideas I wanted the logo to embody.


The logotype moved from being unnecessarily heavy, to a modified typeface with clean lines and organic curves. Technical, yet friendly, was the desired result, while letting the company name itself remain the self-explanatory part of the mark.


Additional applications shown include a redesigned Smart car wrap, company water bottle, website, iOS app, and redesigned consumer packaging. 


Logo Design


Art Direction

Packaging Design


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