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Michael Mina’s restaurant group needed a fresh take on branding for a new juice and acai bar concept they were planting in Honolulu, Hawaii, within a food hall featuring several styles of food and drink. Indie Girl is a wellness bar featuring acai bowls, smoothies, pressed juices, and grab-and-go prepared items. It has been so successful in Honolulu that Mina Group opened an extension concept in San Francisco including a small market named Indie Superette.

Indie Girl Wellness Bar


The branding for Indie Girl was inspired by bohemian, earth-centered religious and meditative concepts across various cultures that are often sought for the purpose of improving one’s health and wellness. I explored several directions through the concept and sketching phase, researching alchemy and geometry, Native American dream catchers, Japanese zen and balance. The chosen direction for the identity focused on the Unalome, an expressive line drawing which symbolizes the Buddhist path to enlightenment and represents the twists and turns taken to reach it. The identity was paired with a customized modern typeface.


Extensions of the branding included designs for disposable items and packaging, patterns and ancillary elements for in-store interiors, clipboard style menu boards, and iconography for menu categories.

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